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I never set out to be a model, rather it was a personal challenge to see if I was photogenic and perhaps make some money on the side but in a very discreet way. The approach taken by Andy enabled this and my work is secure and not visible beyond the commissioning client - a win win for me

Anna Bell

Andy is great at putting you at easy, always punctual and builds trust through his engaging style, I always feel relaxed, even when I feel unsure about a look - his work always flatters and I've often been surprised that the pictures are me!!


I've had a string of commissions from Andy and the work suits me as its flexible, often I'm able to work from home and its fun. I never wanted to model in an environment that would result in my pictures going out on the web etc, the approach that Andy uses thorough single client commissions with a secure sharing method suits how I want to work in this environment and allows me to be bold and enter into the fantasy that andy creates for the client


Fun! and I now have a Facebook profile picture my friends would die for! all the good pictures were shared quickly after the casting and this quickly led to paid work - highly recommended :-)

Philosophy & Contact info

Hi I'm Andy Stephenson and I founded Contemporary Perspectives about 8 years ago. I aim to generate photographs that when viewed have you believe that you are catching a glimpse of the the models personality, perhaps even what they were thinking. Unfortunately there are all to may pictures of what could be a manikin, in bright white light, in front of a generic backdrop, that's not for me - no flash no studio. For the Client I let them loose themselves in a fantasy of perceived connection with the client, although the client never gets to know a models true name or location.

Many of the models I work with don't have any desire for publicity, on the internet or Facebook etc, often the exact opposite they want discretion. I've on my books two teachers a lawyer and a number of students who are regular models but you will never find any pictures of them anywhere, they trust me to maintain confidentiality and all work is encrypted as extra security.

Whilst this website is in black and white I'm not adverse to colour, I just find B&W more flattering.

For more information or to enquire about commissions please email me at

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